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sunflower clean

Each service is different, curated to the clean you are looking for within your home. Below is a further, more detailed list of services that Sunflower Housekeeping provides in order to keep your home or business feeling fresh, like spring flowers or a summer afternoon.

Flip through our slide below to see the services we offer with our standard clean!


Weekly / Bi-Weekly

Standard cleaning - listed in the above slides - is included in this service, as well as a cycle of deep cleaning tasks throughout the month


Deep Clean

We recommend doing a deep clean before the start of a weekly/bi-weekly schedule. May will send an email including the extra services, along with the quote.



The standard cleaning is included, as well as a few deep clean services, ie pulling out the oven to clean the sides of the oven and wall, and underneath flooring, blinds around the house, etc. 


Move-In / Move-Out

Standard clean and deep clean provided, as well as a sanitizing steam treatment on walls, flooring and other surfaces so that the new residents can enjoy a fresh, new home.

flower cleaning

Living Areas, Bedrooms & Offices

  • high dusting - removal of cobwebs, ledges of high windows, fans and vents that are prone to dust build-up and light fixtures and door surfaces

  • surface dusting - we use a microfiber towel, a gentle all-purpose cleaner, and a careful hand to keep any surface dust-free and your household items safe

  • picture frames and any wall mounted items (please be sure these items are secure, and let us know beforehand if they are not)

  • shelving must be clutter-free for us to dust

  • clean all high-touch points, ie. light switches, door knobs and frames, cabinets, etc.

  • clean low points, wipe baseboards if needed

  • lift cushions of sofas and chairs, vacuum crumbs and dust, and replace neatly - fold any blankets and fluff pillows

  • vacuum flooring, being sure to get hard-to-reach areas with wand and attachments - we will move furniture if able and shake out/vacuum any rugs - if flooring is hardwood, mop and dry before replacing of rugs and furniture

  • windows will be cleaned as needed, using our streak-free method

  • a final walk-through of the room, before moving onto the next

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